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"In Just 2 Seconds You Can Know Which Is The Most Potentially Profitable C  - Please contact Listing ID: 1584661

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The Forex Trend Finder 3.0 will help...

Boost the potential performance of your current system and strategies.

Reduce the odds of getting into bad trades.

Pick markets that have higher odds for follow-through.

Achieve greater accuracy on your entries.

Avoid choppy market whipsaws that can lead to you getting stopped out over and over again.

Reduce stress and indecision due to its ability to help you make better trades.

Increase your confidence as it helps you to trade on the side of the "Smart Money" more often.

Pinpoint what are the best markets to trade at the current time.

Question: What exactly will I receive when I purchase your software?
Answer: You will receive a copy of the Forex Trend Finder 3.0 via a download within minutes. Please note it will take about 5 minutes to activate the software as my programmer has to generate a special user ID so that we can recognize you as the valid owner of the software. Your purchase allows you to use the software on up to 2 live accounts and 2 demo accounts.

Question: How hard is it to install?

Answer: It is a standard MT4 indicator and takes about 2 minutes to install.

Question: Do I get any instructions on how to use it?

Answer: Yes, I will provide you with 8 videos tutorials that will teach you exactly how to use it. I will also provide you with a 'cheat sheet" to get up to speed quickly.

Question: Is this a system?

Answer: No, it is a software trading tool that is designed to help improve the accuracy of any system or strategy you are currently using. Think of it as having a GPS device that will help you arrive at the best possible trading decisions.

Question: Is this a forex robot?

No its not. As already mentioned, it is a software trading tool that is designed to help improve the accuracy of any system or strategy. If you are using a forex robot, the way you can use the Forex Trend Finder 3.0 is to make sure it is confirming the trade that your robot is signaling. If it isn't confirming it, it would be a warning sign to proceed with more caution.

Question: Is this a EA(Expert Advisor)?

Answer: An expert advisor is designed to scan the markets for trade setups based on particular technical analysis criteria. When they are met they will provide an alert to let you know a trade is now occurring. Since Forex Trend Finder V.3.0™ is not a strategy or system it doesn't do this. What it will do is help confirm the strength of the EA signal and to keep you out of questionable trades in choppy markets.

Question: Do you have a version for other trading platforms?

Answer: No, we stuck to the most popular platform on the market. Even if you trade off of another software platform, you can still run a demo Meta Trader account with our software to help you make trades on your trading platform.

Question: Can you reveal the formulas you use?

Answer: Sorry no we can't. We spent too much time testing and tweaking to come up with this product. The bottom-line is it works and even if you knew the formula it wouldn't change the way you use the software.

Question: Can I use on any currency pair?

Answer: Yes any pair traded on your MT4 account will work. You can even use on thing like the Dow, gold and silver index to name a few.

Question: How hard is it to use?

Answer: Super easy and you will get the hang of it in 5 minutes. In addition I will walk you through a lot of ways to use it via video demonstrations.

Question: How do I know this is not some piece of hyped up junk like so many other products out there?

Answer: First of all, look around this site and you will see there are no ridiculous pie in the sky claims made. Second we are not selling you some "Holy Grail" system, but offering you a means to help boost the accuracy of your system by making sure you are on the right side of the trend more often. Third, unlike a lot of these "quick buck scam artists" who give no contact info, we proudly display who we are and where we are. We have been online helping traders since 2003 and aren't going anywhere.

Question: Do you use the product yourself?

Answer: I wouldn't dream of placing a trade without consulting my Forex Trend Finder 3.0 first. Without it I feel like I am flying blind.

Question: What is your return policy?

Purchase Terms: Due to the nature of software once you have received, installed and/or used the software your purchased item becomes your property. We sell digital software that we believe is of the highest quality and sophistication, but personal preferences do vary and are not our responsibility. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Based on user feedback we are confident you will find the software a valuable part of your trading arsenal. What's more we work hard to provide a valuable