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Increase your business profits, without ANY additional customers  - Please contact Listing ID: 1596455

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Here's How Lean Manufacturing will reduce YOUR costs, whatever business you run.....
The Standard Business Roadmap - Full Package

Standard Business Roadmap - Full, step by step implementation guide. This will guide you through the universal stages that ANY change process MUST go through in order to be successful.
Diagnostic Tools - These tools will show you Exactly where you currently stand AND what your next steps need to be.
Lean Tools Explained - The Diagnostic tools will show you what you need to do, these 'Lean Tools' will show you HOW to do it. All come in Powerpoint AND PDF format so you can easily transfer them over to your own company format to train your own improvement people and really get some RESULTS - FAST !
Increases productivity using just your current assets and workforce by between 12% and 52%
Reduces your costs by 10% - 40%
Gives YOU control over your business !
Gives you a step by step 'Roadmap' to follow - some steps will be applicable to you, some won't. Simply use the ones that apply !
Gives YOU the tools to improve ANY part of your business !
Can be used in ANY industry !
How To Spot The Personalities And Groups To 'Target' In Order To Make The Transformation Smoother!
The One Thing That Could Be The Difference Between Success And Failure - This Is The Main Reason Many Lean Transformations Have Failed!
How To Make Your Organisation Lean In A Structured Manner Using The SBR Implementation Guide - With Full Email Support!
How To Develop Your 'Business Vision' - And Deploy This Throughout Your Organisation!
'What Attributes Your Change Agents Must Have If You Want Your Transformation To Succeed!
'How To Improve The Culture In Your Organisation And Measure That Improvement!
'Discover The General 'Health' Of Your Business - And What To Do To Make It Better, With The Business Assessment Package!
'How To Implement The Lean Tools In Your Company Using These Easy To Understand Training Packs!
Discover The Little Known Process That Quite Literally Ties It All Together

So, What EXACTLY Do You Get ?

· Standard Business Roadmap - Implementation Manual: Leads you by the hand through the structured implementation process... - Show's you not only 'What' to do, but also 'How' to do it. (Normal selling price: $149.97) Plus Overview Presentation Bonus (Powerpoint & PDF version)

· Cultural Assessment & Recommendation Package: Gives you a picture of the 'Current State' of your Culture - And Recommendations of how to improve it. (Normal selling price: $199.97)

· Business Assessment & Recommendation Package: Gives you a picture of the 'Current State' of your Business - And Recommendations of how to improve it. (Normal selling price: $199.97)

Powerpoint Training / Presentation Packs: (Normal selling price: $149.97 each)

· Stakeholder Analysis Training Pack :

· Value Stream Analysis - Current State Training Pack :

· Value Stream Analysis - Future State Training Pack :

· Terms of Payment - Powerpoint slide :

· KPI's Training Pack :

· Performance Management System Training Pack :

· PMS example measures :

· Takt Time Training Pack :

· Work Package Creation Training Pack :

· Problem Solving / Issue Resolution Training Pack :

· A3 Reports Training Pack :

· Business Vision & Operating Principles Workshop Training Pack :

· Implementation Plans (IP's) Training Pack :

· Example IP & Strategic Map :(Normal selling price: $39.97)

· Gateway Partnership Process step by step Training Pack :

· Culture Transformation Workshop Training Pack :

· Reward & Recognition Training Pack :

· Standardised Work Overview and Documents Training Pack :

· Standard Operations Training Pack :

· Standard work combination tables Training Pack :

· Standard in Process Stock (SIPS) Training Pack :

· TPM Overview Training Pack :

· Quick Change Over (SMED) Training Pack :

· 5C (5S) Training Pack :

· Line Balancing (Yamazumi) Training Pack :

· Process Confirmation & 'Go, Look, See' Training Pack :

Plus all the above in PDF format for easy electronic transfer throughout your organisation.

Free Bonus Material:

(Normal Selling Price $149.97 Each)

· Andon Training pack

· Autonomous Maintenance Training Pack

· Effective Maintenance Training Pack

· OEE Training Pack

· PDCA Training Pack

· Pull Systems (Kanban) Training Pack

· Focused Improvement Teams - FIT (Kaizen) Training Pack

· Six Sigma Overview Training Pack

· Six Sigma - Variation Reduction Training Pack

· Six Sigma - Quantitative Capability Assessment Training Pack

· Skills Matrix Training Pack

· Errorproofing (PokaYoke) Training Pack

So don't hesitate a moment. Let noth