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Finally, you can jam to the luxury of a professional blues band  - Please contact Listing ID: 1605240

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Who Else Wants 50 Backing Tracks
& Improvisation Lessons To Start
Playing Sensational Blues Riffs ...
As Seen In Guitar Player Magazine

In the next 5 Minutes, You'll Discover The EASY Way To Master Blues Improvisations. YOU Too Can Learn How Play "Killer" Blues Licks & Riffs Effortlessly ... Guaranteed
From: Zack Roberts, Professional Guitarist
Jersey City, NJ, USA
Date: March 17, 2014

An Open Letter To All Musicians:

re you a blues musician? It is no secret that Blues guitar is one of the most intriguing and interesting genres that is out there. If you looking to take your blues guitar playing to the next level, you're in for a pleasant surprise...

In just a moment, I'll tell you exactly how you can quickly and easily summon the best acoustic and electric blues bands to jam with you and almost instantly skyrocket your desire for blues playing and practicing WITHOUT paying for expensive lessons..
Wished you could play and improvise guitar riffs & licks easily and naturally? Felt frustrated trying to create a killer guitar riff? Tired of band members not showing up or turning up drunk?
Wasted money on guitar lessons to improve your playing? A harmonica or guitar player looking for great blues tracks?
Sick of cheesy midi backing tracks which you've downloaded? Wondered if you are ever going to get anywhere by endlessly practicing?
" 50 Blues Backing Track Listing"

Blues Rock in G

Blues Stomp in G

Demo Jam of Blues Stomp

Blues Rock in E Minor

Blues Rock Jam in A (Pentatonic or neo-classical styles)
Rock Blues Jam in G
Basic Blues rock in A

Funky Blues Rock in A

Blues Rock-boogie, key of E

Rock Blues in E.

Rock Blues in A

Live Rock Blues in E

Blues Rock (60s style) in A.

Blues Rock in A

Speed Rock Blues in Gmin at (190 bpm)
(Perfect for tapping transition practices)
C Bars Blue Rock In A

Speed Rock Blues in G min demo
Blues Classic in E

Steady Blues Jam in G (for slide/harp players)

Blues Beat Swing

Slow 16 bar Blues in E

Shuffle Blues in E
Shuffle Blues in G (suitable for harp players)

Blues 12 Bars Blues Groove

Blues 12-bar boogie in A Jam

Blues in G minor
(Suitable for chord progression practice)

Blues in G minor jam

Blues Sweet Dreams in G

Slow blues in E (70 bpm)

Blues shuffle in A (95 bpm)

Slow Blues Headbanger

Shuffle Blues in A

How Long in C Minor

Blues Country Shuffle

Funk blues in E

Soul-funk Blues jam in C Minor

8th Blues Jam

Funky Blues in A (perfect for clean rhythm)

Funkedelic Jam v.1

Funkedelic Jam v.2

12 Bars Blue Backing Tracks
Jazzy blues in Eb

Blues Jazz in 120bpm

Soulful Blues in A minor

Swinging blues in E
Slow Blues In D
Blues Corpse Jam Track

Swinging blues in G (great for harp)

Soulful Blues in A 65 bpm

Blues Jazz Grooving

Jazzy Blues In G Pentatonic
Jazz Blues Bonus in G

Blues Jam Track 2

Blues Jam Track 3

Blues Jam Track 4

Blues Jam Track 5

All keys provided so you don't need to have pitch perfect ears
All scales provided so you'll always know exactly what you're playing.
Full Chord PDF Charts for every single jam track
Easy to follow improvisation tips, advices and tricks so you won't get stuck playing the same tune over and over again.
Get new prespectives and new ideas to transform your blues playing. Listen and improvise each track in ways you've never thought possible.

"Live Experience". You get 50 Blues Jam Tracks with full backing instruments at your fingertips. Improvise over it using a guitar, harmonica or even a piano.
"Take It To The Next Level". Improve your leads, improvisations, riff creation with your own virtual private band.
"Great tracks length. Tracks run from 3-4 minutes with some tracks as long as 7 minutes. This means that it leaves enough room for playing over.
No more wasting time waiting to jam with other musicians. Save time and aggravation by jamming in the privacy of your own home at your own speed!
Professionally recorded for guitarists who will only settle for quality tracks. I hate cheap midi files and as a guitarist, I know you feel the same too.
No more expensive guitar lessons and deadlines to meet. Jam at your own pace anywhere you like. It is like a full band in a box.
Transform your guitar practice experience and bring back the clarity and passion in your music.
No more wasting money buying expensive music software that you don't need. Don't waste time searching for that holy grail to improve your playing instantly overnight.

Each track is specialized for practicing different techniques such as :