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A Simple AND Affordable Way To Build An Empire Of Profit-Pulling Websites  - Please contact Listing ID: 1804367

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Listing Began: 3/19/18
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It's quite obvious that the Internet is here to stay. It's not just a passing fad, rather it has become a backbone of our modern society through which we communicate, conduct business, and entertain ourselves.

Likewise, the Internet's "Property" is becoming known as one of the hottest investment opportunities available.

But what IS virtual real estate?

We're not talking about houses, hotels, or even office buildings...

We're talking about websites.

Virtual Real Estate consists of websites that occupy a space on the World Wide Web, and just like real estate in the offline world, VRE does yield income for its owners!

In the offline world, there is a wide variety of property types, sizes, and qualities...

An upscale apartment complex on the nice side of town is a better property than the dirty and run-down slums of the inner city. A beautiful lakefront estate is a better long term investment than a mobile home in a trailer park.

The same holds true in the world of VRE. Some websites are far more lucrative than others. Some bring their owners a healthy flow of long-term passive income, while others never become profitable!

What makes the difference between profitable websites and unprofitable websites?

While there are many factors that can affect a website's profitability, We've found that in general there are two key ingredients that must be combined to create a successful site...

Content + Monetization = Profitable Site

Whether they realize it or not, most webmasters who are struggling with unprofitable sites are lacking in one of the above areas.

You might be thinking "What about traffic, SEO and all that stuff?

Sure that's important too, but it's not the foundation of your business. There are always plenty of ways to get traffic (and We're going to show you how), but if you haven't built your website on a solid foundation then it will never be as profitable as it could have been.

If your website has poor content and bad design, you can send traffic to it, but it won't take long for your visitors to realize you aren't providing any real value. Chances are, they'll NEVER return.

Similarly, if your website is not properly monetized, you can throw any amount of traffic at it, but you'll always be leaving money on the table!

One problem is that many of us have been pre-conditioned to build bad websites.

Okay, let's be honest. If you're like thousands of frustrated marketers out there, then you've...

•Read some e-books...

•Watched some tutorial videos...

•Tried some website scripts...
And you're STILL Frustrated because you're not making significant income from your online business!

The big question is: WHY?

After carefully analyzing the problems that online marketers are having, We believe We have zeroed-in on some of the biggest reasons that they are failing to create substantial income...

•They haven't launched a website for whatever reason

•They haven't monetized their sites effectively

•They've never properly optimized their pages

•They've been sidetracked by scripts and other so-called "easy roads"

•They don't understand the importance of content and how to create it
Developing virtual real estate can be one of the easiest ways to grow your income, but in the past it hasn't been EASY for everyone.

It takes certain skills (or money) to setup a website, and it takes both knowledge and skill to optimize a web page for AdSense or other revenue sources. It takes a certain amount of ability to implement those strategies in your business. This has been an obstacle for ALOT of people... until now!

It also takes TIME to set up an effective website. Yes, VRE provides the opportunity to create an automated income stream... BUT it's not going to be automatic until you've done the work and set it up. Besides that, most of us internet marketers are lazy at times, and sometimes we just never get around to putting it all together. This has been an obstacle for some people... until now!

To top it all off, you're bombarded by dozens of "gurus" claiming to have the latest and greatest tool to suck in money like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. With all these voices, it's no wonder some people have ignored sound advice, instead choosing to follow rabbit trails in search of e-business Utopia. This has been an obstacle for some people, until now!

If you're serious about making money with VRE, then We do not want any of those obstacles to stop you from reaching your goal. That's why We've decided to create this product. After months of work, We have created something that will:

•Ease the pains of the learning curve!
•Save your valuable time!
•Make sure you're doing it the right way!

You can use this solution even if you've never created a web page in your life, and don't know the difference between HTML and HTTP or the rest of the internet alphabet soup!

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